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Event #5: £10,350 WSOPE Championship No-Limit Hold'em
Event #5: £10,350 WSOPE Championship No-Limit Hold'em
Day 4 completed

Final Table, Here We Come

Dan Fleyshman - chip daddy
Dan Fleyshman - chip daddy

It's been an amazingly long road from 22 players to nine, but what a journey it's been.

We lost two-time bracelet winner Greg Mueller right off the bat in 22nd place, followed by Thomas Bichon (20th), Phil Ivey (19th), Viktor Blom (16th), Barny Boatman (13th) and Arnaud Mattern (12th), among others. But when the final 10 players condensed on to a single table, they were still at an average 65 big blinds apiece, meaning that it took us a while to reach our official, nine-handed final. But it was worth the wait, because this is going to be fun:

Seat 1: Roland de Wolfe (1,377,000)
Seat 2: Marc Inizan (349,000)
Seat 3: Nicolas Levi (428,000)
Seat 4: Fabrizio Baldassari (697,000)
Seat 5: Brian Powell (842,000)
Seat 6: Danny Steinberg (1,520,000)
Seat 7: James Bord (1,331,000)
Seat 8: Ronald Lee (1,899,000)
Seat 9: Dan Fleyshman (1,946,000)

The blinds will be 10,000/20,000/3,000 when we reconvene at noon - with the average stack at 1.15 million, that's more than 57 big blinds apiece, meaning that we could well be in for another marathon final table - remember John Juanda in 2008, whose victory over Stanislav Alekhin didn't come until 11am the next day.

For the moment, though, our nine finalists get 13 hours of well-earned rest or drinking time, whichever floats their respective boats. We'll be back ringside tomorrow from noon, so join us back here then when we'll be bringing you all the action direct from the floor, without that pesky five-hour delay.

Until tomorrow then, goodnight from The Empire!

David Peters Eliminated in 10th Place (£54,114)

David Peters - 10th place
David Peters - 10th place

From the button, David Peters moved all in for his last 340,000. Roland de Wolfe was next door in the small blind, and he made the call with plenty of chips to cover Peters. Big blind (and short stack) Marc Inizan was more than happy to fold out of the way, and de Wolfe had Peters at risk as the cards were turned up.

Peters: {A-Hearts} {7-Clubs}
De Wolfe: {A-Spades} {5-Spades}

It was good news for the at-risk Peters, and he was in a good spot to chop the pot at worst. "Be careful," Levi warned, sensing trouble. "He's good at these."

Indeed, that was the best foreshadowing we've seen tonight. The dealer burned a card and dealt three face-down, then flipped them over for the flop. The {5-Diamonds} was sitting right in the window like a diamond-studded sword in Peters' back. The full flop rolled out {Q-Hearts} {Q-Clubs} {5-Diamonds}, vaulting de Wolfe into an improbable lead. Or maybe not so improbable, according to Levi.

The turn was the {9-Spades}, and Peters was already standing to gather his things, one card from elimination. There would be no stay of execution; the {6-Diamonds} filled out the board, and it was handshakes all around for the nine survivors.

Peters has had a great run at the WSOPE, making the final table in Event #1. This run deep into the money was his tenth career WSOP cash. His bid for a second final table and potential Main Event glory, however, has fallen just short in the eleventh hour. He's out in 10th place as the final table bubble boy, taking home £54,114 as a consolation prize, but we'd imagine it's little consolation when it's all said and done.

Stay tuned for a recap of today's action and the lineup for tomorrow's final table in just a moment...

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Lee in the Lead?

Ronald Lee
Ronald Lee

The chips are close, but it looks like Ronald Lee has inched almost even with Dan Fleyshman with that pot. He's got about 1.95 million by our counts (in fact, they both do), but we'll try to get a better eyeball momentarily.

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Brrrrr, Is it Cold Four-Bet in Here?


Brian Powell was in the hijack seat when he opened the last pot with a raise to 51,000. Next door, Daniel Steinberg didn't waste any time reraising to 126,000, and this blogger noticed some particularly shaky hands as the chips came forward. In any event, the action wasn't done there. In the small blind, Ronald Lee cut out four-betting chips, and he made it 285,000 total.

Powell has a great stare, and he flashed it in the direction of each of his opponents before electing to fold. Back on Steinberg, he paused for a moment to send a glare of his own at Lee, and he moved a stack of reds out of the way to get at his high-denomination white chips. He was just pump-faking, though; unable to pull the trigger, Steinberg said something quietly and then released his cards back to the dealer.

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Inizan Gets Chatty, Gets a Fold

Marc Inizan
Marc Inizan

There was a raise from Daniel Steinberg (and possibly an action in between that we couldn't see), and Marc Inizan moved all in for an additional 268,000. Steinberg had the dealer cut down the bet, and Inizan got a bit chatty, drawing Steinberg's attention.

"This was a call until you started talking," he said, and he promptly folded. Inizan let him flip over one card (it looked like the {J-Hearts}) and everyone seemed content with the result. Particularly Inizan, who is now up over 380,000.

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Queens Again


Well, the dealers at least are doing their best to put a swift end to this - although the players don't seem to be biting.

Just now Dan Steinberg raised to 50,000, but got no callers. He showed the table pocket queens. That's queens twice and a set of kings we've had shown so far - and we're only halfway through the level.

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