2019 World Series of Poker Europe

Event #8: €25,500 No-Limit Hold'em Super High Roller

Adams Wins Big One Against Farrell

poolshir • Level 3: 2,000-4,000, 4,000 ante

The defending champion, Niall Farrell raised from under the gun and was called by Timothy Adams in the cutoff, and Manig Loeser and Martin Kabrhel in the blinds.

The flop came {4-Clubs}{q-Hearts}{j-Diamonds}, Loeser, Kabrhel, and Farrell all checked. Adams bet 11,000 and Loeser called, Kabrhel folded but Farrell raised to 60,000 which only Adams ended up calling.

The turn brought them the {8-Diamonds}, Farrell checked and Adams bet 120,000. Farrell considered his options and decided to call.

The river completed the board with the {3-Hearts}, Farrell checked for the last time and Adams fired a bet of 575,000 over the line. Farrell tanked for a while, then made the call but mucked when Adams tabled {4-Spades}{4-Hearts} for the flopped set of fours.

Chip Counts
Timothy Adams ca 2,200,000 1,150,000
Manig Loeser de 1,220,000 220,000
Martin Kabrhel cz 390,000 -610,000
Niall Farrell gb 230,000 -770,000

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