2019 World Series of Poker Europe

Event #8: €25,500 No-Limit Hold'em Super High Roller

Gonzalez Gets Them

poolshir • Level 2: 1,000-3,000, 3,000 ante

Anatoly Filatov raised to 7,000 from the hijack and Markus Durnegger three-bet to 22,000 from the cutoff. Fabrizio Gonzalez called on the button, and so did Johannes Becker and Sergio Aido in the blinds.

The flop came {4-Clubs}{5-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds}, Becker and Aido checked, Filatov bet 33,000, Durnegger called but Gonzalez raised to 126,000. Becker and Aido quickly folded while chuckling between them. Filatov contemplated for a few seconds and then folded. Durnegger needed more time but ended up folding too.

Chip Counts
Fabrizio Gonzalez uy 1,200,000 200,000
Johannes Becker de 1,200,000 50,000
Sergio Aido es 960,000 -40,000
Markus Durnegger at 948,000 -52,000
Anatoly Filatov ru 800,000 -70,000

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