Event #7: €2,200 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed

Bulychev Bullies Zhou

zedmaster84 • Level 22: 12,000-24,000, 0 ante

Anson Tsang raised it up to 70,000 on the button and was called by Ilya Bulychev and Quan Zhou.The flop brought {8-Diamonds}{7-Hearts}{4-Spades} and Bulychev led for 150,000, which resulted in a call from Zhou and a fold from Tsang. After the {3-Clubs} turn, Bulychev asked for the size of the pot, which happened to be 510,000, and bet as much.

Zhou was covered by this bet and headed deep into the think tank. Both players asked their respective massage girls to pause while they were on the tail end of this possibly crucial hand and Zhou needed more than three minutes to make up his mind. The clock was called on him and 30 seconds ran down without any decision, Zhou's hand was declared dead.

Chip Counts
Ilya Bulychev ru 1,500,000 150,000
Anson Tsang hk 1,130,000 -70,000
Quan Zhou cn 435,000 -247,000

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