2019 World Series of Poker Europe

Event #5: €1,100 MONSTER STACK No-Limit Hold'em

Bickering Boys Won't Stop

poolshir • Level 12: 1,000-2,000, 2,000 ante
Frank Rohrmueller

Andres Zepeda raised to 4,000 from under the gun and action folded to Frank Rohmueller in the hijack. After considering his options for twenty seconds, Alexander Dovzhenko called the clock on him. The floor was called over and the dealer explained the situation to her. She ruled that Rohrmueller did not have enough time to take a decision and could take more time.

Dovzhenko did not agree and kept arguing: "You're the short-stack, why are you thinking?"

Rohrmueller took his time and contemplated his options, maybe just to spite Dovzhenko, he took the maximum amount of time possible. After a minute, the floor gave Rohrmueller 30 seconds to take a decision. While she counted down from five, Rohrmueller folded.

Dovzhenko also folded in the cutoff and kept arguing with Rohrmueller. Rohrmueller replied that he had almost 40 big blinds and wasn't short at all. In fact, it was Dovzhenko himself who was short.

Dovzhenko kept having a go at Rohrmueller and Rohrmueller indicated to the floor that it was getting annoying.

In the meanwhile, Amar Begovic three-bet to 16,100 from the button and Victor Paraschiv shoved in the small blind. Zepeda folded and Begovic was sitting in the tank while the two grown-up men next to him were quarreling like little children.

The floor stepped in and asked them to stop but Dovzhenko told her he didn't want to listen to her. He even went that far to cover his ears up while pretending to ignore her and carrying an annoyed look on his face. Rohrmueller indicated that Dovzhenko kept bothering him while the issue was done. Dovzhenko wouldn't stop but Rorhmueller finally started ignoring him.

Begovic was still in the tank and asked for a count, the dealer confirmed Paraschiv had gone all-in for 62,600 in total. In the end, Begovic folded and make a remark to Paraschiv who just smiled.

Chip Counts
Amar Begovic ba 167,000 -43,300
Victor Paraschiv ro 85,100 85,100
Frank Rohrmueller DE 60,000 60,000
Alexander Dovzhenko ua 12,000 12,000

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