2019 World Series of Poker Europe

Event #4: €1,100 No-Limit Hold'em Turbo Bounty Hunter

John Doubles Through Duczak

poolshir • Level 10: 600-1,200, 1,200 ante

Aaron Duczak and Benjamin John were heads-up and John was at risk as he was all-in with the shorter stack for 13,200 in total.

Benjamin John: {Q-Diamonds}{J-Diamonds}
Aaron Duczak: {8-Hearts}{8-Clubs}

The board ran out {7-Hearts}{k-Clubs}{j-Hearts}{3-Clubs}{a-Spades} for John to hit a jack on the flop to stay alive and double up.

Chip Counts
Cord Garcia us 51,000 -7,000
Jeff Lisandro au 40,000 -10,000
Benjamin John 30,000
Aaron Duczak ca 24,900 -11,100

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