2019 World Series of Poker Europe

Event #2: €1,650 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed Deepstack

Ramaz Haddad Eliminated

KaleGozer • Level 14: 1,500-3,000, 3,000 ante

During the ultimate level of the day, it was Ramaz Haddad who was all in with {A-Spades}{Q-Hearts} against the {7-Hearts}{7-Diamonds} of Evian Christ. The board remained low with {4-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds}{3-Clubs}{2-Hearts}{8-Clubs} to leave Haddad with a mere 3,500.

A few hands later, he committed those from under the gun. Shaun Deeb raised to 10,000 and Christ defended his big blind. The flop was {8-Spades}{6-Hearts}{3-Diamonds} and Christ check-folded to Deeb.

Ramaz Haddad: {J-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}
Shaun Deeb: {5-Hearts}{3-Hearts}

The board ran out with the {8-Hearts} and {8-Clubs}, keeping Deeb in the lead and ending it for Haddad.

Chip Counts
Shaun Deeb us 355,000 -35,000
Evian Christ US 90,000
Ramaz Haddad LB Busted

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