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AU$2,200 Main Event

Pongrass Dropping Quickly

[user198217] • Level 33: 150,000-300,000, 50,000 ante

Alex Lynsey raised to 650,000 from the button and was called by Matt Pongrass in the big blind.

The flop came {8-Clubs}{6-Spades}{10-Hearts} and Pongrass checked. Lynskey bet 450,000. Pongrass raised to 1,300,000. Lynskey called.

The turn brought the {q-Spades} and Pongrass checked again. Lynskey bet 1,300,000. Pongrass called.

The {5-Diamonds} completed the board and Pongrass opted to check for a third time. Lynskey fired 1,850,000. Pongrass deliberated for a minute and then mucked his hand.

Player Chips Progress
Alex Lynskey au
Alex Lynskey
au 26,830,000 2,830,000
Matt Pongrass au
Matt Pongrass
au 8,900,000 -2,830,000

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