2022 888poker XL Winter Series
Event #40: $1,500 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better

Battle of Short Stacks Goes to Kohler

mnuwwarah • Level 29: 80,000-160,000, 20,000 ante

Hal Rotholz completed with {a-Clubs}, and William Kohler called with {9-Hearts}. Both players checked fourth, and Rotholz bet fifth and sixth.

Rotholz: {x-}{x-}/{a-Clubs}{8-Spades}{2-Hearts}{9-Spades}
Kohler: {x-}{x-}/{9-Hearts}{j-Clubs}{6-Hearts}{7-Spades}

"Check, just in case you're on a low draw," Rotholz said.

Kohler just flipped over {10-}{7-}{k-} for sevens, but it was enough, as Rotholz mucked {4-}{2-} face-up.

Player Chips Progress
William Kohler US
William Kohler
US 1,100,000 370,000
Hal Rotholz us
Hal Rotholz
us 400,000 -290,000

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