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Event #57: The $1,000,000 Big One for One Drop

Hands #14-18: Action Rick

donpeters • Level 19: 200,000-400,000, 50,000 ante

Hand #14: Daniel Colman raised to one million from middle position. Daniel Negreanu reraised to 2.5 million from the cutoff seat, and action folded back to Colman. He folded, and Negreanu won the pot.

Hand #15: Negreanu raised to 1.1 million from the hijack seat, and action folded to Rick Salomon in the big blind. He reraised to 3.1 million, and Negreanu folded.

Hand #16: From the small blind, Salomon raised to one million, and Christoph Vogelsang called from the big blind to see the flop come down {A-Diamonds}{K-Clubs}{5-Diamonds}. Salomon checked, and Vogelsang bet 750,000. Salomon folded, and Vogelsang won the pot.

Hand #17: Tobias Reinkemeier raised to one million from early position, and Rick Salomon called on the button to see the flop come down {10-Clubs}{8-Spades}{8-Diamonds}. Reinkemeier bet 1.25 million, and Salomon called.

The turn was the {5-Hearts}, and Reinkemeier checked. Salomon bet 1.75 million, and Reinkemeier folded.

Hand #18: Salomon raised to one million, and Colman called from the small blind to see the flop come down {A-Spades}{A-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds}. Both players checked, and the turn was the {2-Spades}. Colman led with a bet, and Salomon folded.

Player Chips Progress
Rick Salomon us
Rick Salomon
us 25,000,000 4,000,000
Daniel Colman us
Daniel Colman
us 20,300,000 -1,700,000
Tobias Reinkemeier de
Tobias Reinkemeier
de 18,500,000 -2,500,000
Daniel Negreanu ca
Daniel Negreanu
ca 14,500,000 800,000
Christoph Vogelsang de
Christoph Vogelsang
de 10,600,000 880,000
Cary Katz us
Cary Katz
us 10,600,000 -900,000
Scott Seiver us
Scott Seiver
us 9,600,000 -500,000
Tom Hall gb
Tom Hall
gb 9,370,000 -730,000
Paul Newey gb
Paul Newey
gb 6,400,000 -250,000

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