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Event #27: $1,500 H.O.R.S.E.



Level: 11

Hold’em / O8 - 500/1000 1000/2000
Razz/Stud/Stud 8 200 BI 300 1000 1000-2000

Event #27: $1,500 H.O.R.S.E. To Resume Play Soon

Chip Leader Jason Riesenberg
Chip Leader Jason Riesenberg

The second day of action for the $1,500 H.O.R.S.E. tournament will get underway within the next hour. Of the 743 entrants that started play yesterday, 144 will return to try and be part of 80 who make the money. Jason Riesenberg enters play with 72,600 in chips and the chip lead and the 1996 WSOP Main Event champion, Huck Seed, is sitting in second with 59,400 in chips.

Other notables who will be returning to action include John Monnette (43,900), Dutch Boyd (43,400), Adam Friedman (36,400), Greg Raymer (30,700), Aaron Steury (27,600), Tom McEvoy (21,900), David "ODB" Baker (19,700), Allen Kessler (16,700), Joe Kuether (16,000), and Dan Heimiller (10,000). Also returning is Phil Ivey but with only 4,900 in chips, Ivey is going to have his work cut out for him if he hopes to make a run at the $230,744 first-place prize and bracelet.

Play will resume in less than an hour at 1 p.m. in the Purple section of the Amazon Room. As always, be sure to tune into PokerNews for all of the latest updates from the tournament felt.

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Day 2 Table and Seat Draw

4281Jon Turner13,300
4282Jim Bucci8,200
4283Brian Ballentine27,500
4284Mark Gregorich9,700
4285Edward Nassif28,900
4286Porcelli Steven6,500
4287Sonu Sharma5,500
4288Alexander Condon13,900
4291Ed Tonnellier39,800
4292Jang Won Lee13,000
4293Greg Pappas23,500
4294Richard Ashby24,200
4295Levon Torosyan43,200
4296Stephen Bellipario38,100
4297Mike Landers24,300
4298Michael Matheny31,000
4301Xuan Liu12,400
4302David Emanuel20,800
4303Shane Giese2,500
4304Jonathan Duhamel6,900
4305Tom Koral27,600
4306Jaehwa Son20,100
4307Howard Mann19,500
4308John Monnette43,900
4311Dennis Morrison51,300
4312Christopher George20,700
4313Jack Deutsch22,400
4314Phil Ivey4,900
4315Tom McEvoy21,900
4316Marcelo Costa28,200
4317Shannon Petluck20,100
4318Jamie Heitner12,400
4321Gavin Schoetker15,800
4322Todd Ickow8,500
4323Matthew Colvin9,000
4324Kevin Calenzo46,100
4325Matthew Smith16,300
4326Brandon Guss35,000
4327Aaron Steury27,600
4328Esther Rossi16,000
4331Jim Collopy40,400
4332Faith Klimczak12,700
4333Matt Glantz6,600
4334Russell Boyd43,400
4335Mark Gallo22,400
4336Stewart Yancik14,200
4337Adam Owen34,500
4338Calvin Anderson13,000
4341Bobby Oboodi28,100
4342Dariush Imani11,500
4343Andrey Zhigalov30,400
4344David Levi24,500
4345David Martin24,900
4346Michael Hollenberg10,000
4347Kyle Miaso33,000
4348Greg Raymer30,700
4351Jameson Painter27,300
4352Ian Johns28,800
4353Brian Nichols38,000
4354Paul Amsbury12,000
4355Steve Chanthabouasy19,200
4356Barry Shulman16,300
4357Mike Wattel11,400
4358Robert Sherer19,700
4361Dan Heimiller10,000
4362Jeffrey Wagner45,900
4363Michael Chow4,200
4364Benjamin Gold11,300
4365Jason Riesenberg72,600
4366Kristan Lord39,800
4367Hugh Adams15,600
4368Devin Hanneman28,600
4371Bryan Pardoe8,900
4372Tommy Hang24,000
4373Alexey Narizhnyy28,000
4374Roland Israelashvili31,700
4375Lonnie Heimowitz52,500
4376Brian Scholl9,800
4377Jeremy Messer42,500
4378Phillip Hui27,800
4381James Hoeppner19,100
4382Michele Limongi39,700
4383Han Hoai8,600
4384Vitezslav Pesta20,000
4385Andy Bloch20,500
4386Toto Leonidas19,000
4387David "ODB" Baker19,700
4388Bruce Walters30,800
4391Devin Sembaluk11,300
4392Bill Eichel49,800
4393Alex Dovzhenko4,200
4394Matthew Schultz16,000
4395William Coren29,800
4396Rick Gleitsman20,300
4397Jared Talarico14,600
4398Joe Cassidy22,200
4401James Van Alstyne46,300
4402Jose Razocabrera1,800
4403Louise Francoeur14,700
4404Joe Kuether16,000
4405Dylan Linde30,400
4406Joseph Villella14,900
4407Ron Lane47,200
4408Jeff Shulman26,500
4411Kenneth Kavowras21,100
4412Eric Rivkin30,500
4413Matt Woodward40,600
4414Barry Levy39,500
4415Ben Yu19,200
4416Allen Kessler16,700
4417Sharad Mehta9,900
4418Chris Klodnicki21,000
4421Scott Bohlman4,900
4422Huck Seed59,400
4423Christopher Vitch30,600
4424Jason Corlew1
4425Stewart Newman6,600
4426Gregory Jamison21,500
4427Daniel Ospina4,800
4428Brian Bumpas19,300
4431Stuart Williams27,100
4432Alex Rocha30,700
4433Joseph Couden11,500
4434Rami Boukai23,300
4435Braden Murphy25,200
4436Shane Douglas29,900
4437Billy Horan13,100
4438Alan Myerson18,400
4441Sal Pipitone29,600
4442John Cernuto14,300
4443Jacobo Fernandez19,300
4444Steven Mckelvey24,000
4445Andrew Brown19,900
4446Gerald Cheatham20,600
4447Ben Landowski31,400
4448Neal Wilkinson22,100
4451Daham Wang27,200
4452Benjamin Lazer32,000
4453Chris Viox6,500
4454Anton Smirnov29,100
4455Adam Friedman36,400
4456Yarron Bendor34,100
4457Christopher Tryba21,700
4458Roberto Reyna15,500
Event #27: $1,500 H.O.R.S.E.
Day 2 started