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Sexton's Corner

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Mike Sexton's telling stories of the old days in Las Vegas and he just brought up one that made everyone at the table burst out in laughter.

"This one time at the Dunes, where the Bellagio is nowadays," Sexton started, "I walked past a $1-$4 Spread Limit Stud game on my way to the bathroom."

"I overheard two guys going, 'I raise, I re-raise, I'm all in! I call!' and the first guy turns his cards over."

"The guy shows two pair, aces and nines," Sexton said.

"So the other guy goes, 'Flint to Saginaw!'" Sexton said, leaving the entire table extremely confused.

"'Flint to Saginaw!' he kept saying, and it took a while before he finally turned his cards over. So he turns them over and says, '30 miles, Flint to Saginaw' as he showed the table three of a kind tens," Sexton said as the entire table burst out in laughter.

It is indeed about 30 miles from Flint, Michigan to Saginaw, Michigan, and Sexton continues to entertain his friends at the table including Bill Chen, Brian Hastings and Chris Tryba,

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