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WSOP National Championship

Nguyen Gets Baked


David "ODB" Baker raised to 40,000 from middle position and was called by Huy Nguyen in the cutoff. Matt Keikoan came along for the ride from the big blind and it was three-way action to the {10-Diamonds}{Q-Clubs}{J-Clubs} flop.

Keikoan was first to act and checked, prompting Baker to bet 60,000. Only Nguyen made the call, and then both players checked the {10-Hearts} turn. When the {2-Clubs} peeled off on the river, Baker fired out 100,000 and Nguyen wasted little time in releasing his hand.

Player Chips Progress
Huy Nguyen us
Huy Nguyen
us 750,000 -100,000
David ODB Baker us
David ODB Baker
us 725,000 100,000

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