Event 26: $3,000 Pot-Limit Omaha

Romik Vartzar Eliminated in 7th Place ($46,117)

Romik Vartzar - 7th place

Kheim Nguyen opened to 48,000 from early position and was called by Romik Vartzar in the cutoff. Vadzim Kursevich called from the small blind as well and the flop came down {9-Clubs}{3-Hearts}{2-Clubs}.

It was checked to Vartzar who potted to 168,000. Kursevich re-potted, Nguyen folded, and Vartzar called all in for just a little bit more.

Vartzar: {A-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds}{2-Hearts}
Kursevich: {A-Clubs}{4-Clubs}{4-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds}

Vartzar was leading with two pair with a wheel draw, but Kursevich also had outs to a wheel, a flush draw, as well as a pair of fours in his hand. The {6-Spades} turn card kept Vartzar in the lead, but the {9-Diamonds} fell on the river to counterfeit Vartzar's two pair.

Kursevich took it down with nines and fours to score the elimination.

Player Chips Progress
Vadzim Kursevich by
Vadzim Kursevich
by 1,780,000 330,000
Romik Vartzar us
Romik Vartzar
us Busted

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