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Event 21: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

Big Slick No Good?

Noah Vaillancourt started this hand out by opening for 120,000. Jamie Armstrong on the button called, and Michael Gathy in the big blind also came along for the ride.

A {3-Clubs}{k-Spades}{Q-Spades} flop saw Gathy check, and Vaillancourt bet out 190,000. When action was on Armstrong he raised to 450,000. Gathy folded and Vaillancourt took a few moments before making the call.

A {4-Clubs} on the turn had Vaillancourt check and Armstrong fire off 575,000. After a few more moments of contemplation Vaillancourt completed the call. A {8-Hearts} on the river again lead to a Vaillancourt check, and a bet from Armstrong; this time an all in bet. Vaillancourt took a few minutes off the clock thinking his best possible action. He seemed quite disgruntled and in the end threw his cards away face up, {A-}{k-}.

Player Chips Progress
Jamie Armstrong us
Jamie Armstrong
us 4,100,000 755,000
Noah Vaillancourt ca
Noah Vaillancourt
ca 1,000,000 -1,450,000

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