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Event 10: $5,000 Seven Card Stud

Ellis' Dreams of a Second Title Come to an End on the Bubble

Freddie Ellis

Freddie Ellis received a double from Jeff Lisandro after making a straight on seventh street, but his newfound stack of 26,000 would be short lived as he became the bubble boy on the very next hand.

It happened when Bryn Kenney brought it in with the {6-Diamonds} and Lee Goldman completed. Ellis came along for the ride, as did Kenney, and it was three-handed action to the turn. Goldman put out another bet, which was again called by both his opponents, before firing for a third time on fifth street. This time Kenney got out of the way while Ellis made the call and left himself just 7,000 behind.

The rest went in on sixth street and Ellis discovered he'd run his pair of tens into kings up. The 2009 champ needed a ten on the river, but it wasn't in the cards as he received the {K-Spades}.

Ellis: {J-Hearts}{10-Diamonds} / {10-Hearts}{6-Spades}{Q-Hearts}{4-Spades} / {K-Spades}
Goldman: {K-Hearts}{8-Hearts} / {8-Spades}{7-Diamonds}{K-Clubs}{2-Diamonds} / {5-Clubs}
Kenney: (x-x) / {6-Diamonds}{Q-Clubs}{7-Diamonds} fold

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