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Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

From the Feature Tables


Some big names and big stacks at the feature tables to start the afternoon. Among those at the main feature are Daniel Negreanu, Jean-Robert "BrokeLivingJRB" Bellande, and Carter King. And over at the secondary feature table we find Manoj Viswanathan, the start-of-day chip leader with a cool 2.115 million, and David Barter who starts the day 11th in chips with 1.63 million.

Here's the line-up at the main feature table...

1Mark Dalimore194,000
2Robert Lipkin226,000
3Daniel Negreanu619,000
4Rupert Elder512,000
5Patrick Coughlin471,000
6Hayden Fortini360,000
7Carter King220,000
8Ralph Robinson448,000
9Jean-Robert Bellande1,134,000

And here's who is sitting at the secondary feature table…

1Scott Schwalich830,000
2Manoj Viswanathan2,115,000
3Harold Wasson1,000,020
4Stefan Huber783,000
5David Barter1,630,000
6Jody Howe588,000
7Blaise Dsylva462,000
9Samuel Golbuff296,000

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