Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Shorties Doubling Early

[user66118] • Level 19: 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante

We've heard the "All in and a call," shout a couple dozen times already this afternoon, and there are seats springing open. Still, not all the short stacks are succumbing quite so quickly.

Over on Table 312, a battle of the blinds saw Duane Alexander and John Moore getting it all in before the flop. Moore was the one at risk for 179,000, and he was in good shape with the {K-Diamonds} {K-Hearts} dominating Alexander's {J-Diamonds} {J-Hearts}. The board came {6-Spades} {5-Hearts} {Q-Clubs} {10-Spades} {4-Diamonds}, and Moore doubles up to about 380,000.

Just a moment later, one of our last remaining women put herself at risk. Mimi Luu shoved for 50,000 straight with {J-Clubs} {J-Spades}, and she was able to fade Robert Kolbe's {7-Spades} {8-Spades} to double. The board rolled out {3-Hearts} {A-Spades} {2-Hearts} {Q-Hearts} {10-Hearts}, and the lady is back over 100,000.

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Exclusive PokerNews Main Event!

donpeters • Level 19: 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante

PokerStars and PokerNews are excited to announce the Exclusive PokerNews Main Event! - $20,000 added tournament.

This tournament takes place on July 17 at 1400 EST.

It has a $10+$1 buy-in, and $20,000 has been added to the prize pool. The structure is very deep: 30,000 starting chips, 15-minute blinds and the levels begin at 50-100.

This tournament is open to all PokerStars players, no matter whether they signed up through PokerNews or not. The only way to play in this tournament is with the password, which will be released at random times during our World Series of Poker Main Event Live Reporting.

If you do not have a PokerStars account, make sure you do sign up through PokerNews and use marketing code “POKERNEWS.COM”. This will ensure your eligibility in any future PokerNews-exclusive promotions, as well as getting you a 100%-up-to-$600 deposit bonus.

Tournament Specifics:

Name: Exclusive PokerNews Main Event
Date: July 17, 2011, starting at 2:00 PM EST
Game: NLH Freezout (password protected) ID#413428486
Buyin: $10+1
Prize: $20,000 added
Structure: starting @ 50-100, 15-min blinds
Starting stack: 30,000 chips
Password: PNLIVE
Payout: standard
Late reg: 120 mins

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From the Feature Tables


Some big names and big stacks at the feature tables to start the afternoon. Among those at the main feature are Daniel Negreanu, Jean-Robert "BrokeLivingJRB" Bellande, and Carter King. And over at the secondary feature table we find Manoj Viswanathan, the start-of-day chip leader with a cool 2.115 million, and David Barter who starts the day 11th in chips with 1.63 million.

Here's the line-up at the main feature table...

1Mark Dalimore194,000
2Robert Lipkin226,000
3Daniel Negreanu619,000
4Rupert Elder512,000
5Patrick Coughlin471,000
6Hayden Fortini360,000
7Carter King220,000
8Ralph Robinson448,000
9Jean-Robert Bellande1,134,000

And here's who is sitting at the secondary feature table…

1Scott Schwalich830,000
2Manoj Viswanathan2,115,000
3Harold Wasson1,000,020
4Stefan Huber783,000
5David Barter1,630,000
6Jody Howe588,000
7Blaise Dsylva462,000
9Samuel Golbuff296,000

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Four Levels


It has just been announced that there will in fact be four levels of play again today like the past two days.

Day 5 - Who Will Emerge?

Manoj Viswanathan leading with over two million.
Manoj Viswanathan leading with over two million.

Welcome back to Day 5 of the 2011 WSOP Main Event where 378 players from the 852 that started yesterday will return. This will mark the first day that all of the remaining players are in the money. At the top of the counts is the only player over the two million chip mark, Manoj Viswanathan (2,115,000)

Followed closely behind Viswanathan and rounding out the top 10 are Sam Barnhart, Pius Heiz, Stephane Albertini, Daryl Jace, Lars Bonding, Kyle Johnson, Matthew Kay, Mazin Khoury and Max Heinzelmann.

We expect an entertaining ESPN feature table with Daniel Negreanu and Jean-Robert Bellande among others. Chip leader Viswanathan will start at the secondary feature table.

With no player having separated themselves from the pack yet, will today be the day that someone emerges as a massive chip leader on their way to the November Nine? The likes of Bryon Devonshire, JP Kelly, Ben Lamb, Sebastian Ruthenberg, David Bach, Tony Hachem, Garry Gates and Eli Elezra are some of the players left that are hoping to accomplish that.

Unlike previous days where we have known exactly how many levels will be played, today will either be four or five two hour levels which will be determined by the WSOP staff depending on how the bustouts are coming along. In any case, stayed tuned with us here at PokerNews as we will have all of the action underway in around 20 minutes.

Day 5 Table and Seat Draw

3001Samuel Murphy192,000
3002Bounahra Badih924,000
3003Jason Mann459,000
3004Andy Ferguson248,000
3005Ahtoh Makiievskyi598,000
3006Bryan Follain783,000
3007Tom Braband174,000
3008Massimiliano Martinez1,394,000
3009Marc Mclaughlin1,047,000
3021James Lenaghan608,000
3022Scott Augustine510,000
3023Frank Calo536,000
3024David Sands457,000
3025Peter Feldman1,100,000
3026Richard Lee204,000
3027Andrey Pateychuk1,160,000
3028Nachman Berlin220,000
3029David Silverman272,000
3041Roger Hairabedian105,000
3042Steve Rawle148,000
3043Jon Turner305,000
3044Austin Schaff707,000
3045Ilan Boubli159,000
3046John Cernuto112,000
3047Ben Lamb1,268,000
3048David Levi109,000
3049Ismail Erkenov208,000
3061Satoshi Isomae551,200
3062Ruben Visser590,000
3063Aadam Daya1,044,000
3064Giuseppe Zarbo630,000
3065Magnus Persson514,000
3066Aleksandr Mozhnyakov626,000
3067Nelson Robinson527,000
3068Thomas Oldcroft411,000
3069Shane Douglas140,000
3081Stephan Keil408,000
3082Philipp Hochhuth403,000
3083Wai C Cheng726,000
3084Jonathan Seelbach949,000
3085Scott Davies148,000
3086Evan McNiff317,000
3087Douglas Gord411,000
3088Joseph Couden143,000
3089Casey Diener361,000
3101Andrew Brokos755,400
3102Christian Harder208,000
3103Brett Flood630,000
3104Shane Sigsbee84,000
3105Josh Kay194,000
3106Paul Spitzberg929,000
3107Yordan Mitrentsov622,000
3108David Mccaig108,000
3109Erika Moutinho640,000
3121David Rounick508,000
3122David Lenz146,000
3123Laurence Houghton565,000
3124Duane Alexander808,000
3125John Moore193,000
3126Kyle Johnson1,761,000
3127Mars Callahan151,000
3128Alex Moore432,000
3129Sergey Altbregin52,000
3141Omar Saeed791,000
3142Joseph Whittaker397,000
3143Max Heinzelmann1,672,000
3144Ara Melikian202,000
3145David Bach1,142,000
3146Aaron Schaff367,000
3147Zohair Karim677,000
3148Ariel Albilia187,000
3149Nathan Goldstein350,000
3161Mimi Luu57,000
3162Steve Brecher973,000
3163Joseph Lacarrubba196,000
3164Christopher Moore350,000
3165Robert Kolbe483,000
3166Jonathan Garneau260,000
3167Paul Chauderson599,000
3168Tyler Sumrall147,000
3169Thomas Pedersen671,000
3181Kelsey Hendriks642,000
3182Riekushein Wijermars118,000
3183Evgeniy Zaytsev449,000
3184Jacob Bazeley868,000
3185Thomas Grey835,000
3186Rufus Nagel261,000
3187Adrian Passfield391,000
3188Patrick Fortin198,000
3189Konstantinos Mamaliadis831,000
3201Nelson Dantas279,000
3202Samuel Ngai503,000
3203Norberto Korn102,000
3204Brendan Taylor949,000
3205Walter Ferrero451,000
3206Stephen Giufre378,000
3207Lance Steinberg125,000
3208Aaron Ruppert341,000
3209Gregory Ronaldson205,000
3221James Bergen130,000
3222Joshua Hillock377,000
3223Jimmy Nickens229,000
3224Martin Staszko394,000
3225Alexander Dietrich394,000
3226Anthony Miller435,000
3227Andrey Saenko239,000
3228Jonathan Depa105,000
3229Steven Tabb357,000
3241Heinz Pius1,887,000
3242Frank Sinopoli815,000
3243Guy Cicconi130,000
3244James Randolph529,000
3245Maxime Nault168,000
3246David Schnettler534,000
3247Murry Oleson457,000
3248Nicholas Kamen520,000
3249Mark Newhouse1,070,000
3261Paulo Figueiredo874,000
3262Mitchell Cogert757,000
3263Christopher Brammer344,000
3264Julian Stuer668,000
3265Francis Anderson210,000
3266Erick Lindgren492,000
3267Andrew Hinrichsen670,000
3268Paul Volpe603,000
3269Chris DeMaci317,000
3281Guillermo Ramirez444,000
3282Sami Kelopuro577,000
3283Vasily Tsapko517,000
3284Michael Minetti401,000
3285Adolfo Monreal591,000
3286T.K. Miles737,000
3287Allen Cunningham582,000
3288Matthew Goldman389,000
3289Jeff Siegal382,000
3301Ben Mintz579,000
3302Fred Berger1,354,000
3303Tod Holley931,000
3304Bryan Pellegrino532,000
3305Carl Olson431,000
3306Robin Jens Colbin307,000
3307Jesse Steinberg305,000
3308Michele Koerner688,000
3309Jordan Rich380,000
3321Matthew Leecy125,000
3322Nicholas Newport626,000
3323Gaetan Balleur147,000
3324Joseph Cheong862,000
3325David Vamplew213,000
3326Conrad Coetzer661,000
3327Bolivar Palacios593,000
3328Amitabh Mehra122,000
3329Ross Tesser534,000
3341John Esposito584,000
3342Philip Green221,000
3343Greg Moore302,000
3344David Chase527,000
3345Daryl Jace1,849,000
3346Ilia Lekach170,000
3347Joseph Johno147,000
3348Sol Bergren417,000
3349Scott Lipshutz145,000
3361Bryan Colin724,000
3362JP Kelly1,332,000
3363Pablo Ubierna825,000
3364Simon Deadman588,000
3365Joseph Milukas161,000
3366Marvin Rettenmaier181,000
3367G Vanstrydonck1,004,000
3368Jeff Becker827,000
3369Matt Giannetti114,000
3381Philippe Dauteuil463,000
3382Ray Henson226,000
3383Guy Gorelik960,000
3384Marc-Andre Ladouceur1,244,000
3385Jo Krautwald90,000
3386Robert Mcgreevy-Iler92,000
3387Darus Suharto185,000
3388Tahsyn Mekani483,000
3389Per Linde1,009,000
3401Terry Hobbs450,000
3402Daniel Retallick1,501,000
3403Mike Ellis121,000
3404Martin Dietrich269,000
3405James Ruszkiewicz226,000
3406Phil Collins1,077,000
3407Wilfried Haerig508,000
3408Richard Lyndaker329,000
3409Amanda Musumeci1,066,000
3421Mario Silvestri389,000
3422Per Strom561,000
3423Pavel Perfilov974,000
3424Alexander Debus455,000
3425Michael Aron335,000
3426Tony Hachem610,000
3427Tuan Vo265,000
3428Vladimir Geshkenbein1,490,000
3429Timothy Faro1,068,000
3441Gionni Demers960,000
3442Mathew Frankland1,199,000
3443Kristopher Bradshaw66,000
3444Christopher Macfarland257,000
3445Aaron Jones545,000
3446Ryan Jaconetti716,000
3447Frank Cerminara558,000
3448Jared Vengrin350,000
3449Raymond Dehkarghani442,000
3461Randy Hanley157,000
3462Matthew Cohen125,000
3463Peter Murphy226,000
3464Kim Chee616,000
3465Jonathan Frey910,000
3466Matthew Kay1,756,000
3467David Labchuk260,000
3468Sebastian Ruthenberg1,162,000
3469Hoi Lee1,264,000
3481Hoai Pham87,000
3482Marshall Schultz246,000
3483Russell Thomas636,000
3484David Inselberg133,000
3485Andreas Kauffeldt275,000
3486Dan Sztenderowicz301,000
3487Mark Goshidigian414,000
3488Stephen Bokor75,000
3489Philipp Gruissem1,009,000
3501John Hines344,000
3502Jonathan Pinx143,000
3503Andrew Rosskamm422,000
3504Giuseppe Pastura826,000
3505Garry Gates722,000
3506Michael Castaldo312,000
3507Diogo Borges273,000
3508Tri Huynh1,034,000
3509Micheal Youssef558,000
3521Marton Czuczor1,024,000
3522Matthew Livingston904,000
3523Jonathan Godfrey253,000
3524Marius Maciukas550,000
3525Janet Callaway693,000
3526Shinwon Kim560,000
3527Claudia Crawford986,000
3528Chris Kwon1,501,000
3529Michael De Gilio811,000
3541Yu Shen88,500
3542Fabio Sousa272,000
3543Alexandros Karnaos694,000
3544Matthew Wantman823,000
3545Chris Bonita1,300,000
3546Taha Maruf198,000
3547Stuart Tuvey665,000
3548Martin Ross191,000
3549Thomas Le210,000
3561John Hewitt1,163,000
3562James Page256,000
3563Peter Jetten404,000
3564James Guinther465,000
3565Joshua Lehrer214,000
3566David Cloutier418,000
3567Andrew Pierce523,000
3568Guillaume Darcourt1,052,000
3569Bjorn Li744,000
3581Khoa Nguyen1,007,000
3582Bill Scheer669,000
3583Matthew Salsberg927,000
3584Nils Deknijff476,000
3585Ruslan Gazaev1,083,000
3586Michael Ium357,000
3587Peter Gelencser939,000
3588Seth Davies261,000
3589Salatore Sproviero273,000
3601Michael Wasserman351,000
3602Lars Bonding1,813,000
3603Nathan Meyvis310,000
3604Edward Teems303,000
3605Roberto Damelian198,000
3606Collin Moshman732,000
3607Dmitry Savelyev466,000
3608Lee Goldman591,000
3609Jens Kyllonen265,000
3621Kevin Saul739,000
3622Jeet Shetty684,000
3623Andrew Gilmore412,000
3624Cory Albertson166,000
3625Robert Peltecki247,000
3626Blake Bohn758,000
3627James Hopkins213,000
3628Patrick McNamara649,000
3629Brian Yoon986,000
3641Greg Ostrander567,000
3642Tyler Bonkowski313,000
3643Sven Mol727,000
3644Bryan Porter410,000
3645Kenny Shih188,000
3646Eli Elezra777,000
3647Gregory Kaplan263,000
3648Ben Tollerene531,000
3649Sunny Chattha410,000
3661Mark Maletic239,000
3662Robert Matos690,000
3663Joe Tehan893,000
3664Samuel Holden1,412,000
3665Timothy Adams490,000
3666Brian Park357,000
3667Bryan Fortin418,000
3668Benjamin Logan590,000
3669Bryan Devonshire1,365,000
3671Spencer Cossette431,000
3672Umberto Caloro308,000
3673David Earnest250,000
3674James Calderaro240,000
3675Gabriel Nassif299,000
3676Tom Luce253,000
3677Daniel Skolovy285,000
3678Hilton Laborda514,000
3679Bobby Poe662,000
3681James Hoffman343,000
3682Kenn Pluard131,000
3683Patrick Poirier335,000
3684Andrew Jenkins174,000
3685Justin Cereste445,000
3686Fernando Brito264,000
3687Sergey Tikhonov318,000
3688Sam Barnhart1,925,000
3689Philipp Harti338,000
3691Matt Stout750,000
3692Jamie Shaevel429,000
3693Jon Friedberg364,000
3694Narendra Banwari411,000
3695Freddy Deeb258,000
3696Andrew Webking624,000
3698Michael Bena689,000
3699Chee Kian Chan476,000
3701Jack Kashishian105,000
3702Nikolaus Kovacs168,000
3703Sorel Mizzi648,000
3704Kenichi Takaki537,000
3705Arthur Walker149,000
3706Sam Silverman370,000
3707Tom Koral395,000
3708Cortland Mcjannet292,000
3709Minh Nguyen380,000
3721Mark Dalimore194,000
3722Robert Lipkin226,000
3723Daniel Negreanu619,000
3724Rupert Elder512,000
3725Patrick Coughlin471,000
3726Hayden Fortini360,000
3727Zachary King220,000
3728Ralph Robinson448,000
3729Jean-Robert Bellande1,134,000
3731George Secara741,000
3732Eoghan Odea449,000
3733Koen Schiepers609,000
3734Jared Jaffe349,000
3735Donald Depew821,000
3736Stephane Albertini1,867,000
3737Feming Chan508,000
3738John Nixon531,000
3739Niall Charlton1,233,000
3751Mike Willoot434,000
3752Jonathan Shah367,000
3753Giovanni Rizzo449,000
3754Nicolas Fierro970,000
3755Mazin Khoury1,707,000
3756Alex Kamberis214,000
3757Joshua Pollock453,000
3758Chamath Palihapitiya487,000
3759Stewart Kaplan531,000
3761Scott Schwalich830,000
3762Manoj Viswanathan2,115,000
3763Harold Wasson1,000,020
3764Stefan Huber783,000
3765David Barter1,630,000
3766Jody Howe588,000
3767Blaise Dsylva462,000
3769Samuel Golbuff296,000
Event #58: $10,000 Main Event
Day 5 started