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Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Cheong and Jace Keep Facing Off

Joseph Cheong

Daryl Jace and Joseph Cheong keeping playing big pots against each other. With Jace in early position he made it 100,000 to go and action folded all the way around to Cheong in the big blind. He called and they saw a flop of {5-Clubs} {A-Hearts} {10-Diamonds}. The both checked and the {7-Clubs} came on the turn. They checked again and the {5-Spades} came on the river.

Cheong bet 175,000 and Jace called. Cheong tabled {7-Diamonds} {5-Diamonds} for a full house and Jace mucked.

Player Chips Progress
Joseph Cheong us
Joseph Cheong
us 2,000,000 500,000
Daryl Jace
Daryl Jace
1,800,000 -100,000

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