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Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Aces Full of Jacks for Lee


Prior to the break, Bernard Lee limped from middle position after the under-the-gun player had done the same. A player in late position then raised to 250, the blinds called, and both original limpers came along. All players checked the {A-}{A-}{9-} flop, leading to the {4-} turn.

The UTG player bet 500, Lee raised, and everyone but the UTG folded. The {J-Clubs} river inspired UTG to bet 3,000, leaving himself 7,000 behind, and Lee pushed all in. The UTG snap-called and showed {A-}{9-} for a flopped full house, but Lee caught up with his {A-}{J-} to take down the pot.

Not only did Lee send an opponent to the rail, he is up to 52,000!

Player Chips Progress
52,000 15,000

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