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Event #44: $2,500 Seven Card Razz

Calamity For Chen

[user66118] • Level 26: 30,000-60,000, 7,000 ante

We picked up the action on fourth street, heads-up between Rep Porter and Tommy Chen.

Porter: (X)(X) / {4-}{q-}{a-}{10-} / (X)
Chen: (X)(X) / {8-}{8-}{q-}{9-} / (X)

Porter had the lead on fourth, but he check-called a bet from Chen. He liked fifth street better, though, and he made a bet of his own which Chen called. Porter got another bet in on sixth street, and both men checked through seventh.

Porter tabled {9-}{7-}{a-} for the ten-nine, and Chen could not beat it. He mucked, and he's left himself with just about 280,000 now.

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