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Event #57: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Doppelganger Unveiled


You may recall me mentioning a Chris Ferguson lookalike from earlier who I'd witnessing signing autographs in the hallway. Well, what I didn't know is that he's actually here playing today in the Main Event!

As a side bet, I wagered with danafish as to whether or not he'd say his name was Chris Ferguson if we inquired. I asked the chap dressed as Batman earlier, and he'd replied "Batman", so I had high hopes for this venture.

Sadly, and despite muttering what we initially thought was the well known pro's name, the doppelganger is actually called Craig Strobel. Unlike Jesus, though, Strobel is still in today's event, and not too far off the average with 60,000.

Once again, danafish emptied my pockets.

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