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Event #37: $3,000 H.O.R.S.E.

Sniffing A Plant Brings Good Luck



Greg "FBT" Mueller was the bring-in with Daniel Ospina completing the action. Mark Bartlog raised and the table folded back to Ospina who made the call.

Ospina led out on fourth but Bartlog raised. Ospina made the call and then fired out bets on fifth and sixth streets. On seventh, Ospina checked, Bartlog bet and Opsina called.

Ospina: (X-X-X) / {7-}{4-}{10-}{7-}
Bartlog: ({A-}{2-}{3-}) / {4-}{7-}{J-}{J-}

Bartlog's seventy-four low was good to take it down and move up to 45,000 chips.

Bartlog has some sort of plant with him at the table. It appears to be sprigs of perhaps rosemary or similar herbs, and he's sniffing it between hands, to perhaps clear the mind. Following the hand, Mueller spoke up and complained about the plant as it was bringing Bartlog good luck.

"Hey Savage!" Mueller yelled across the rook to well-respected tournament director Matt Savage who is playing this event. "In your tournaments can players have a plant at the table? This guy is sniffing a plant!" added Mueller.

Savage gave a smile and a nod as he replied, "We have lots of plants at the Commerce!"

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