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Event #29: $10,000 Limit Hold'em Championship

Around the Room


There's really nothing notable going on with the action right now, so we're hunting for anything else exciting going on in the room.

Ummm, let's see. Shaun Deeb is getting a massage right now, that's a little bit interesting. Oh, and Greg Mueller is eating a delicious looking fruit plate right now, complete with blackberries. You know, they didn't used to put blackberries on the fruit plates here. So, that's kind of an interesting new development.

Ooh, here we go. There's a bit of noise coming from the far end of the room where a group of late registrants are waiting for the next level to start so they can get seated and play some poker themselves. The group includes Mike Matusow and Robert Mizrachi, and, as so often happens during these stretches of monotony and boredom, the prop bets have begun.

We just overheard a five-way prop bet in the works regarding the total number of players in our field. The big board shows 137 right now, and our group of five is picking numbers in the 170s. They've each picked two numbers, and the lucky man who binks the correct number will win everyone's loot. Here's what they have, if you're scoring at home:

Mike Matusow: 171 and 178
David Benyamine: 168 and 170
Michael Mizrachi: 172 and 174
Robert Mizrachi: 173 and 179
Chad Brown: 176 and 180

Apparently everyone has the "under" on last year's field of 185. We'll see how that pans out when registration closes in just over an hour.

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