Event 8 - $1,000 No Limit Holdem w/ rebuys

Seat Open?

Didn't he know this was a rebuy tournament? Evidently he was on a budget. No rebuy, and out the door.

Feedback sessions

WSOP Commissioner Jeffrey Pollack has just announced that over the next few days, the President of US Playing Cards will holding a series of feedback sessions related to the quality of the playing cards and a possible redesign for next years Series.

Rules for the Rebuys

Players begin with 2,000 in tournament chips.

Rebuy chips may be purchased players are at or below 2,000 in chips during the first two hours. At the end of the second round players may do a single (2,000 chips) or double (4,000 chips) add-on for $1,000.

Chips, no cash

Players start with 2000 in chips, and can rebuy anytime they have 2000 or less. They must have casino chips, not cash.

Two Minutes Away!

Jack Effel is announcing two minutes until the fun begins! The rebuy tournament is one of the most active in the series. We will see some crazy things today. Here we go!

Rebuys! Rebuys! Rebuys!

One of the professionals favorite events (as far as having fun goes) and a great event to watch during the rebuy period. Noon start today.