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Event 24 - $5,000 Seven Card Stud Hi Lo

Hand #171 - Scotty Nguyen Doubles Through Eli Elezra

Hand #171 - There is a pause after fourth street so the two players can take a drink, tapping their cups together.

Elezra (3-8-2-K) and Nguyen (4-9-3-A) take it to sixth street, and Elezra helps Nguyen bet -- by reaching over and putting Nguyen's chips in the pot. Elezra then raises, and Nguyen calls all in.

Eli shows an 8-7 low, while Nguyen has an 8-6 low. Elezra says, "I didn't mean to raise."

The last card is dealt and Nguyen scoops the pot with a pair of nines for the high and an 8-6 low. Scotty Nguyen doubles up in chips.