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Event 24 - $5,000 Seven Card Stud Hi Lo

Miami John Cernuto Triples Up

Miami John Cernuto tripled up in a three way pot vs. Rocco Bucci and Eli Elezra. Cernuto made a set of aces to scoop and send his stack up to 70,000.

Elezra sits at 175,000 after the hand while Bucci was down to 30,000.

Still Holding

As we have been for the last 30 minutes or so, we are still holding at 26 players, two eliminations away from the money.

Notes from the Break

During the break, Mike Sexton told us that he had A-2-3 to start three times during the last level, but had to get out each time when he bricked up on fourth and fifth.

He also noted that Eli Elezra is relentlessly bullying his table with his big stack, playing "loose as a goose" and is catching a lot of cards against very dangerous boards.

After Sexton and Miami John Cernuto got into a discussion about their woes versus Eli, Mike could be heard calling for "cocktails!"

Antes Up

After a short break to color up the 100-denomination chips, we've moved into level 15. The ante is up to 1,000, the bring-in is 1,000, and the betting limits are 4,000-8,000.

Puskallch vs. Luske Times Two

Marcel Luske made a flush vs. Mike Puskallch's straight, scooping the pot and cripplingPuskallch, who was only left with 16,000. Shortly thereafter, Puskallch made aces up on Luske, knocking his stack back up to 26,000 and narrowly avoiding elimination on the bubble.

26 Players Remaining

We are still two away from the money. Hasan Habib and Miami John Cernuto are our two shortest stacks with 8,000 and 11,600 chips respectively

Barbara Lewis Can't Lose

Wei Kai Chang made a 7-5 low and a set of sevens, scooping a pot against Barbara Lewis. That loss took Lewis almost down to the felt, with only 3,300 left in her stack.

She went all in on her next hand vs. Chang and and her pair of queens held up to scoop. Then, she played the very next hand she was dealt, scooped again with aces and eights, and was suddenly back up to 10,000.

Shortly thereafter, Lewis and Chang tangled in a fourth hand -- only this time she made a wheel on him! She is up to 40K and tells us of her comeback, "This is going to go down in history!"

The Barbara Lewis Comeback

Barbara Lewis made two pair kings and queens on the river against John Cutter's two pair sevens and nines. Lewis has made a remarkable comeback since going to dinner break as the tournament's shortest stack-- and right on the money bubble! Her stack is up to 25,000.