Live Events 1
Event 24 - $5,000 Seven Card Stud Hi Lo

Event Info

Buy-in $3,000
Prize Pool $651,360
Players 236
Players Left 236

Hand #171 - Scotty Nguyen Doubles Through Eli Elezra

Hand #171 - There is a pause after fourth street so the two players can take a drink, tapping their cups together.

Elezra (3-8-2-K) and Nguyen (4-9-3-A) take it to sixth street, and Elezra helps Nguyen bet -- by reaching over and putting Nguyen's chips in the pot. Elezra then raises, and Nguyen calls all in.

Eli shows an 8-7 low, while Nguyen has an 8-6 low. Elezra says, "I didn't mean to raise."

The last card is dealt and Nguyen scoops the pot with a pair of nines for the high and an 8-6 low. Scotty Nguyen doubles up in chips.

Hand #170

Hand #170 - Elezra takes the pot on third street.

Hand #169

Hand #169 - Nguyen takes the pot on third street. They're acting so quickly and rashly that often we can't see the cards.

Eli Elezra stands up and grabs Scotty Nguyen's drink, and then downs it in one gulp to the delight of the crowd. Nguyen just laughs.

Once again, the tournament director calls for "Cocktails!"

Hand #168

Elezra is shouting with random people in the crowd, as if to toast their health.

Hand #168 - Nguyen takes the pot on third street.

Hand #167

Hand #167 - Elezra takes the pot on fourth street.

Chip Counts

Eli Elezra - 1,125,000
Scotty Nguyen - 292,000

Hand #166

Hand #166 - Elezra folds on fifth street, but only after he kills his own hand by flipping over Nguyen's cards. This is like a crazy drunken home game right now.

Messy Chips

Eli Elezra stands up and messes up Scotty Nguyen's chip stacks, creating a mess. The chip count girl is nearby, and Elezra says, "Now she can't count it!"

Hand #165

Hand #165 - They play the hand to the end, and Scotty Nguyen is nearly all in. Elezra has two pair showing, aces and fours, but can do no better than that. Nguyen has an 8 low, and it's a split pot.