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Event 13 - $5000 Pot Limit Holdem

Post-Bracelet Interviews

It's hard to describe Allen Cunningham. He's so unassuming, and he seems so humble, but he is deeply confident. How else could he get away with saying, "I never know what to do now" after winning his fifth bracelet?

Phil Ivey was the youngest player to win five bracelets, followed by Phil Hellmuth, and Allen is now the third youngest. (Side note: Phil Hellmuth has a big stack of chips with 17 players left in Event #15.)

Gary Wise later pointed out that Allen could still set the record for the earliest to six bracelets if he wins another by the end of next year.

When ESPN's Norm Chad pointed out that he was halfway to ten bracelets, Allen responded, "Halfway? I'm a quarter of the way." The implication, of course, is that he has his sights set on a higher number -- 20. Quiet confidence.

When asked about the match, he said that he didn't want to face Lisandro heads-up, but that's how it happened. Allen called Lisandro a very tough opponent.

When he received the bracelet from WSOP Exec Ty Stewart, he thanked the crowd for cheering him on, and mumbled a few other words. He did a few media interviews, but he was eager to go out and celebrate with Melissa and the rest of his friends.

Congratulations, Allen Cunningham, on your fifth bracelet from the World Series of Poker.