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Miegel's Runner-Runner

KaleGozer • Level 28: 25,000-50,000, 5,000 ante
Jakob Miegel

Jakob Miegel raised to 130,000 and Ben Bensimhon defended. The flop was {J-Clubs}{A-Clubs}{K-Hearts} and Bensimhon check-called 95,000. On the {6-Clubs} turn, Bensimhon checked, Miegel bet 320,000, and Bensimhon called again.

The river brought the fourth club with the {5-Clubs} and Bensimhon checked a third time. This time, Miegel opted for a third barrel worth 580,000. Bensimhon gave it ample thought before calling that bet as well.

Miegel showed {Q-Clubs}{3-Hearts} for the runner-runner second nut flush and Bensimhon mucked.

Player Chips Progress
Jakob Miegel de
Jakob Miegel
de 4,800,000 900,000
Ben Bensimhon CH
Ben Bensimhon
CH 2,000,000 -900,000

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