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Main Event

Slusarek Up, Price and Spinks Out

Homer • Level 14: 1,200-2,400, 400 ante

Oliver Price is out, he pushed with pocket threes but ran into Ben Vinson's pocket sevens.

Elsewhere, Patryk Slusarek has doubled up after he reraised all in from the big blind with {Q-Spades}{Q-Hearts} against Jake Cody's button raise. Cody called with {7-Clubs}{7-Diamonds} and the board came {Q-}{2-}{J-}{4-}{5-}.

Jon Spinks is out after four-betting all in with {K-Spades}{Q-Spades} and Norbert Berent calling him with {A-Spades}{Q-Hearts}. The {8-Hearts}{7-Hearts}{3-Spades}{5-Spades}{10-Hearts} board couldn't save Spinks on his topsy-turvy day.

Player Chips Progress
Ben Vinson gb
Ben Vinson
gb 330,000 150,000
Jake Cody gb
Jake Cody
gb 275,000 -65,000
Norbert Berent PL
Norbert Berent
PL 210,000 210,000
Patryk Slusarek pl
Patryk Slusarek
pl 85,000 55,000
Jon Spinks gb
Jon Spinks
gb Busted
Oliver Price gb
Oliver Price
gb Busted

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