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$10,000 Main Event

Hachem Shows the Pocket Rockets

Chad_Holloway • Level 3: 150-300, 0 ante

Tony Hachem, the brother of 2005 World Series of Poker champ Joe Hachem, raised to 675 from the hijack and received a call from Todor Kondevski on the button. The player in the big blind then three-bet to 1,600, Hachem four-bet to 3,875, and Kondevski got out of the way. The big blind tanked for a minute before calling, and then he checked the {6-Spades}{7-Clubs}{j-Diamonds} flop.

Hachem bet 5,900, and the big blind tanked again, this time for two minutes, before making the call. When the {3-Hearts} appeared on the turn, Hachem shoved all in for 20,050, which had his opponent covered. The big blind thought for several more minutes, but ultimately settled on a fold.

"Good hand?" Hachem asked.

"Overpair," came the response.

"Queens?" Hachem prodded.

"Yes," was his answer. Hachem then tabled pocket aces to show his opponent that folding was the right decision.

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Tony Hachem au
Tony Hachem
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