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$2,200 Six-Max No-Limit Hold'em

Portlen Busts Kawauti

zedmaster84 • Level 3: 75-150, 0 ante

On Table 31 next to our media desk, we noticed Bruno Kawauti all in out of the small blind for 4,400 in chips and initial raiser, Eugene Portlen, made the call with the {A-Spades}{A-Clubs}. Kawauti needed some help with the {10-Spades}{10-Hearts}, but it wasn't meant to be as the board ran out {4-Spades}{Q-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}{3-Clubs}{3-Hearts}.

"I played one hand and got knocked out like that," said Tony Hachem, who was also at the table. He was referring to his cruel exit on the final table of the AU$1,650 No-Limit Hold'em Terminator event yesterday.

Player Chips Progress
Eugene Portlen au
Eugene Portlen
au 17,500 17,500
Bruno Kawauti br
Bruno Kawauti
br Busted

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