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$1,100 No-Limit Hold'em Accumulator

Kamutzki Sent to the Rail

zedmaster84 • Level 7: 150-300, 25 ante
George Danzer & Heinz Kamutzki

The chips from George Danzer now belong to Mike Watson, who called the open shove for 10 big blinds with {A-Clubs} {Q-} and four-card flushed the pocket fours of the German. Danzer's countryman Heinz Kamutzki was equally fortunate after calling all in out of the big blind for 3,500 chips.

It was Michael Wang who shoved into him from the small blind with {J-Diamonds} {10-Clubs} and Kamutzki was ahead with {A-Hearts} {5-Hearts}. It was all fine until the {6-Hearts} {3-Clubs} {2-Clubs} {Q-Clubs} turn, but the {J-Spades} on the river gave Wang a pair.

Player Chips Progress
Michael Wang us
Michael Wang
us 20,500 20,500
Mike Watson ca
Mike Watson
ca 14,500 500
Heinz Kamutzki de
Heinz Kamutzki
de Busted

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