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$220 partypoker Grand Prix Canada

Final Two Tables: Raphael Duval Holds a Monster Lead

[user323482] • Level 31: 150,000-300,000, 300,000 ante
Raphael Duval

With the recent elimination of Romio Mikhael in 17th place ($7,000), the final two tables have come together

The start-of-day chip leader Raphael Duval has almost doubled the stack he began the day with, and sits on 42,800,000 chips, more than double the next-biggest stack. That stack belongs to online qualifier Jeff Cuccurullo with 21,000. Debra Ann Holman sits in third place for now, with the only other online qualifier Nicholas Riseley blinding out and sitting in last place with 440,000. Riseley was unable to make it to the event and has laddered up significantly after starting the day with just over 5 million in chips.

Here is a look at the seating assignments and chip counts:

TableSeatPlayerChip Count
Table 371Paul Scott5,700,000
Table 372Raphael Duval42,800,000
Table 373Debra Ann Holman16,000,000
Table 374Nicholas Riseley440,000
Table 375Spencer Jean-Baptiste12,300,000
Table 376Brian Van Bart5,100,000
Table 377Helene Marie Dufour3,700,000
Table 378Sean Burstein10,000,000
Table 381Said Michailidis9,000,000
Table 382Brandon Aaron Kitchen12,200,000
Table 383Jeff Cuccurullo21,000,000
Table 384Matthew Wilkins9,500,000
Table 385Anatoly Zharnitsky12,000,000
Table 386Franco A7,000,000
Table 387Ryan Morrell10,500,000
Table 388Eric Portelance6,400,000
Player Chips Progress
Raphael Duval ca
Raphael Duval
ca 42,800,000
Jeff Cuccurullo CA
Jeff Cuccurullo
CA 21,000,000 -470,000
Debra Ann Holman CA
Debra Ann Holman
CA 16,000,000 5,000,000
Spencer Jean-Baptiste ca
Spencer Jean-Baptiste
ca 12,300,000 2,600,000
Brandon AAron Kitchen CA
Brandon AAron Kitchen
CA 12,200,000 3,350,000
Anatoly Zharnitsky ca
Anatoly Zharnitsky
ca 12,000,000 -6,365,000
Ryan Morrell ca
Ryan Morrell
ca 10,500,000 500,000
Sean Burstein CA
Sean Burstein
CA 10,000,000 -3,500,000
Matthew Wilkins ca
Matthew Wilkins
ca 9,500,000 -1,150,000
Said Michailidis us
Said Michailidis
us 9,000,000 2,985,000
Franco A
Franco A
7,000,000 1,200,000
Eric Portelance CA
Eric Portelance
CA 6,400,000 -1,000,000
Paul Scott CA
Paul Scott
CA 5,700,000 -250,000
Brian Van Bart
Brian Van Bart
5,100,000 3,550,000
Helene Marie Dufour
Helene Marie Dufour
3,700,000 200,000
Nicholas Riseley
Nicholas Riseley
440,000 -4,860,000

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