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Can’t Katchalov A Club

Yardley • Level 6: 200-400, 50 ante

Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov was one of four players in a limped pot who saw a flop of {4-Clubs}{a-Clubs}{7-Diamonds}.Katchalov was in the big blind and led out a modest 800. Mun Tong Wei from the Isle of Man was rather less modest with his bet, moving all in for just under 8,000.

If folded back round to Katchalov who made the call tabling {q-Clubs}{9-Clubs} for a flush draw and was up against the {a-Spades}{9-Hearts}. The turn was the {a-Diamonds} and the river the {2-Spades}. No help for the Pro as he took a hit to his stack.

Player Chips Progress
Eugene Katchalov ua
Eugene Katchalov
ua 14,000 -6,000

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