WSOP Super Circuit Online Series

PokerStars SCOOP 2021

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SCOOP-93-M: $1,050 PLO [6-Max, PLO Main Event], $750K Gtd-

Event Info

Prize Pool $935,000
Players 935

Level Info

Level 42
Blinds 300,000 / 600,000
Ante 0

Players Info - Day 3

Players Left 1
Entries 18
SCOOP-93-M: $1,050 PLO [6-Max, PLO Main Event], $750K Gtd-
Day 3 completed

Joel "Odonkor1" Nordkvist Wins SCOOP-93-M: $1,050 PLO [6-Max, PLO Main Event], $750K Gtd ($153,356)

mnuwwarah • Level 42: 300,000-600,000, 0 ante

Sometimes, even in pot-limit Omaha, all you need is a pair of fives.

That's all Joel "Odonkor1" Nordkvist showed down when he was all in three-handed in PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker-93-M: $1,050 PLO [6-Max, PLO Main Event], $750K Gtd. Luckily for him, his opponent Nuno "BrigaDatada" Capucho had paired his own five but with a kicker that didn't match Nordkvist's ace, so the Swede doubled into a slight chip lead.

An hour later, he'd outlasted Capucho and busted Ramon "ZéDoBlefe11" Sorgatto heads up to win his first SCOOP title and $153,356.

Sorgatto was denied a second win — he'd previously won 31-M: $215 NL Hold'em [4-Max] for $50K back in 2016.

Official Final Table Results

1Joel "Odonkor1" NordkvistSweden$153,356
2Ramon "ZéDoBlefe11" SorgattoBrazil$106,859
3Nuno "BrigaDatada" CapuchoPortugal$74,460
6Jonas "Liqqa" GjelstadU.K.$25,191
7Tyler "Juicy_J_93" JardineCanada$20,204

Nordkvist started the day in the upper half of the counts and scored the first KO before moving into the chip lead thanks to three streets of value with kings full of aces.

As the likes of Connor "blanconegro" Drinan and Benjamin "bencb789" Rolle fell before the seven-handed final table, it was Capucho and Sorgatto who had the clear top two stacks, though. The former put a nasty beat on former EPT champ Julian "jutrack" Track when 6% equity came home after the flop.

After the two short stacks busted, four-handed play proved swingy. Former leader Capucho sank to a short stack but doubled through Nordkvist in a flip. After busting "javel," he had more than half of the chips three-handed.

However, Nordkvist found the big double after four-betting an ace-high double-suited rundown and besting the weaker double-suited gapper of Capucho with the aforementioned pair of fives they both flopped.

That gave Nordkvist a slight chip lead and he just took over from there. The only hairy moment came heads up when Sorgatto doubled through him in a flip and nearly evened the stacks. Nordkvist won the next flip, though, and that was that.

PokerNews' SCOOP coverage continues Wednesday with one final day of reporting as the mammoth series wraps up after awarding nine figures in prize money. Come back one last time to follow the action here.

Ramon "ZéDoBlefe11" Sorgatto Eliminated in 2nd Place ($106,859)

mnuwwarah • Level 42: 300,000-600,000, 0 ante

Joel "Odonkor1" Nordkvist potted on the button and Ramon "ZéDoBlefe11" Sorgatto repotted to 5.4 million. Nordkvist called to bring a {3-Clubs}{6-Spades}{7-Spades} flop. Sorgatto opted to check that and Nordkvist put in a bet of 5,616,000, about half the pot.

Sorgatto potted nearly all the chips in and then called to be all in for 30,754,774 total.

Sorgatto: {a-Hearts}{a-Spades}{j-Spades}{9-Spades}
Nordkvist: {9-Clubs}{7-Hearts}{6-Hearts}{3-Spades}

Nordkvist was slightly ahead with Sorgatto blocking some of his own outs. The {2-Hearts} and {j-Hearts} were safe for Nordkvist to take the tournament.

Joel "Odonkor1" Nordkvist se 93,500,000 36,898,774
Ramon "ZéDoBlefe11" Sorgatto br Busted

Sorgatto Doubles Through Nordkvist

mnuwwarah • Level 42: 300,000-600,000, 0 ante

Joel "Odonkor1" Nordkvist opened for 1.8 million and Ramon "ZéDoBlefe11" Sorgatto defended the big blind. On the {6-Spades}{j-Clubs}{5-Spades} flop, Nordkvist continued for 2.4 million and Sorgatto potted to 9.6 million. He had about 8 million back and called that off to a three-bet.

Nordkvist: {a-Spades}{j-Spades}{k-Clubs}{4-Clubs}
Sorgatto: {j-Hearts}{7-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}

It was a flip but Nordkvist bricked out on the {7-Hearts} and {9-Clubs}.

Joel "Odonkor1" Nordkvist se 56,601,226 -8,201,738
Ramon "ZéDoBlefe11" Sorgatto br 38,898,774 10,201,738

Nuno "BrigaDatada" Capucho Eliminated in 3rd Place ($74,460)

mnuwwarah • Level 41: 250,000-500,000, 0 ante

Ramon "ZéDoBlefe11" Sorgatto opened on the button for a min-raise and called a pot-sized bet from big blind Nuno "BrigaDatada" Capucho. Capucho bet small with 2,227,500 on the {3-Diamonds}{9-Spades}{3-Clubs} flop and Sorgatto potted all in for 11 million. Capucho called.

Capucho: {a-Clubs}{a-Diamonds}{q-Spades}{j-Diamonds}
Sorgatto: {7-Hearts}{4-Hearts}{3-Spades}{2-Spades}

Capucho's aces were smacked and the {q-Diamonds} and {k-Hearts} didn't salvage anything.

Capucho still had 3.8 million and was all in a few hands later. He had flopped top pair with {a-Diamonds}{k-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}{7-Spades} but was behind the {9-Spades}{8-Spades}{8-Hearts}{7-Hearts} shown by Sorgatto. The turn and river were both threes and Capucho hit the rail in third.

Joel "Odonkor1" Nordkvist se 64,802,964 4,750,000
Ramon "ZéDoBlefe11" Sorgatto br 28,697,036 14,403,721
Nuno "BrigaDatada" Capucho pt Busted

Nordkvist Pulling Away

mnuwwarah • Level 41: 250,000-500,000, 0 ante

Nuno "BrigaDatada" Capucho raised to 1.15 million on the button and Ramon "ZéDoBlefe11" Sorgatto called. Joel "Odonkor1" Nordkvist potted to 4.6 million and only Sorgatto continued. Sorgatto check-called 3,750,0000 on the {3-Clubs}{3-Spades}{4-Spades} flop then the {10-Spades} and {7-Clubs} were checked down.

Sorgatto showed {a-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{9-Diamonds}{k-Clubs} but was beaten by {k-Diamonds}{k-Hearts}{5-Spades}{5-Diamonds}.

Joel "Odonkor1" Nordkvist se 60,052,964 22,834,000
Nuno "BrigaDatada" Capucho pt 18,153,721 -5,612,000
Ramon "ZéDoBlefe11" Sorgatto br 14,293,315 -18,222,000

Nordkvist Doubles Through Capucho

mnuwwarah • Level 40: 200,000-400,000, 0 ante

Joel "Odonkor1" Nordkvist opened for 800,000, Nuno "BrigaDatada" Capucho potted in the small blind and Nordkvist potted right back to 8.8 million. They saw a {2-Spades}{k-Hearts}{5-Diamonds} flop and Capucho shoved for 10.5 million effective.

Capucho: {j-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}{7-Spades}{5-Spades}
Nordkvist: {a-Diamonds}{7-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}

Both had paired fives but Nordkvist's kicker was winning. That would be the final margin after the running threes hit.

Joel "Odonkor1" Nordkvist se 37,218,964 12,309,482
Ramon "ZéDoBlefe11" Sorgatto br 32,515,315 2,600,000
Nuno "BrigaDatada" Capucho pt 23,765,721 -18,509,482

Sorgatto Scoops a Big One

mnuwwarah • Level 40: 200,000-400,000, 0 ante

Nuno "BrigaDatada" Capucho defended the big blind from 1,025,000 by Ramon "ZéDoBlefe11" Sorgatto on the button. Capucho check-called 800,000 on the {a-Hearts}{10-Spades}{q-Hearts} then 1,450,800 on the {3-Hearts} turn. He check-called a pot-sized bet of 6.75 million on the {9-Diamonds} river but was shown {k-Hearts}{2-Hearts}{k-Clubs}{4-Clubs} for the nuts.

Nuno "BrigaDatada" Capucho pt 42,275,203 -11,177,400
Ramon "ZéDoBlefe11" Sorgatto br 29,915,315 14,800,400