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SCOOP-121-H: $1,050 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO], $1.5M Gtd

Kalfa Triples Up

poolshir • Level 43: 500,000-1,000,000, 125,000 ante
Kalfa vs [email protected]

Stavros "IDOLLS" Kalfa raised to 4,500,000 from under the gun and "[email protected]" three-bet to 9,000,000 from the cutoff. The action folded to "AtanasPPP" who called in the big blind while Kalfa called for the 7,288,523 he had behind.

The flop came {8-Clubs}{10-Hearts}{6-Clubs} for "AtanasPPP" to check-fold to the 9,000,000 continuation-bet of "[email protected]".

Stavros "IDOLLS" Kalfa: {a-Hearts}{9-Hearts}
"[email protected]": {a-Diamonds}{6-Hearts}

"[email protected]" had flopped a pair of sixes while Kalfa was sitting on a gutshot to a straight.

The turn brought them the {k-Clubs} which didn't change things but the {7-Clubs} on the river gave Kalfa the straight he needed to triple up with.

Player Chips Progress
b@d0s BB
[email protected]
BB 107,514,867 2,513,247
AtanasPPP gb
gb 59,623,201 -21,229,743
Conor "1_conor_b_1" Beresford gb
Conor "1_conor_b_1" Beresford
gb 37,429,762 6,014,450
Stavros "IDOLLS" Kalfa
Stavros "IDOLLS" Kalfa
22,990,569 14,702,046
Ricardo "rsehnem77" Sehnem BR
Ricardo "rsehnem77" Sehnem
BR 16,341,601 -2,000,000

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