€25,500 Single-Day High Roller II

Erik Seidel Eliminated in 7th Place (€67,000)

KaleGozer • Level 14: 10,000-20,000, 3,000 ante
Erik Seidel

Directly after Vogelsang busted, Erik Seidel shoved from under the gun and Stephen Chidwick reshoved on the button. Alvarado, as the sole blind, quickly folded.

Erik Seidel: {7-Clubs}{7-Hearts}
Stephen Chidwick: {J-Diamonds}{J-Spades}

It was all but over after the {J-Hearts}{6-Hearts}{5-Spades} flop and the {6-Diamonds} on the turn sealed it for Chidwick, rendering the {Q-Diamonds} river moot. Seidel bowed out in 7th place for €67,000, tapped the table and wished everyone good luck.

Player Chips Progress
Stephen Chidwick gb
Stephen Chidwick
gb 670,000 250,000
Erik Seidel us
Erik Seidel
us Busted

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