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$25,000 High Roller

Mikita Badziakouski Eliminated in 6th Place ($195,150)

ajlamers • Level 21: 12,000-24,000, 24,000 ante
Mikita Badziakouski

Mikita Badziakouski got all of his 246,000 chips in the middle against Richard Seymour and was in a dominating position to double up. Badziakouski held {a-Hearts}{k-Hearts} and Seymour showed {k-Spades}{q-Hearts}. The board ran out {j-Hearts}{4-Spades}{3-Clubs}{6-Hearts}{2-Hearts} and Badziakouski made a flush by the river to score a double up.

Just two hand later, the action folded around to Badziakouski in the small blind who raised to 480,000. Jonathan Jaffe announced all in from the big blind and Badziakouski called off his remaining 50,000 chips. Jaffe tabled {a-Clubs}{a-Diamonds} and Badziakouski was in danger of being eliminated with {a-Spades}{9-Clubs}.

The flop came {9-Spades}{8-Hearts}{7-Hearts} and Badziakouski picked up a couple of outs after hitting a pair of nines on the flop. The {2-Hearts} and the {j-Spades} completed the board and Badziakouski was unable to improve, being eliminated in sixth place.

Player Chips Progress
Jonathan Jaffe us
Jonathan Jaffe
us 2,440,000 410,000
Richard Seymour us
Richard Seymour
us 1,685,000 -135,000
Mikita Badziakouski by
Mikita Badziakouski
by Busted

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