2022 888poker XL Winter Series
Live Updates May 23

WPT #29 Super High Roller Final Table Underway


The final table of the WPT #29 Super High Roller is underway with seven players at it. Artur Martirosian is holding a big chip lead with over 1.6 million in chips.

Benjamin Rolle follows with almost half of that as he has 840,477 in chips. They are joined on the final table by Laszlo Bujtas, Christoph Vogelsang, Ali Imsirovic, Daniel Dvoress, and Joao Vieira.

WPT #29 Final Table
WPT #29 Final Table

Loeliger Bubbles the WPT #29 Super High Roller


Linus Loeliger was all-in from the small blind for his last 132,142 and was up against Laszlo Bujtas in the under-the-gun position with the bigger stack.

Linus Loeliger: {10-Spades}{10-Clubs}
Laszlo Bujtas: {3-Clubs}{3-Diamonds}

Loeliger was ahead with the higher pocket pair and looked to double up on the bubble until the board ran out {4-Clubs}{3-Spades}{7-Clubs}{8-Diamonds}{q-Diamonds} for Bujtas to flop a set to burst to the bubble.

Loeliger Bubbles the WPT #29 Super High Roller
Loeliger Bubbles the WPT #29 Super High Roller

Prize Pool Details Confirmed for the WPT #23 High Roller


The late registration period of the WPT #23 High Roller has closed with 95 entries in the field to miss the $1,000,000 guarantee by 5 entries.

The 47 remaining players are battling for a spot in the top 17 as those places will get paid at least $21,277 while the winner will walk away on Monday, May 24 with the first-place prize of $249,791

This is what they are all still battling for as Day 1 will end once the money has been reached:


Bubble Time in the WPT #29 Super High Roller


Kristen Bicknell busted in eleventh place with Giuseppe Iadisernia and Matthias Eibinger following her to the rail in the WPT #29 Super High Roller. This means that there are currently eight players left in the tournament with seven of them getting paid.

Hand-for-hand play is going on right now with Artur Martirosian in the lead. He is joined by Benjamin Rolle, Christoph Vogelsang, Daniel Dvoress, Ali Imsirovic, Laszlo Bujtas, oao Vieira, and Linus Loeliger in the final eight.

Once the money has been reached, the final table will be have been determined too and they will start playing for a bigger share of the prize pool.

Registration Closed for Day 1a of the WPT #20 Main Event


Day 1a of the WPT #20 Main Event attracted 521 entries which means that $1,563,000 has been collected towards the $3,00,000 guaranteed prize pool.

The first of two starting days has 307 players left in the running right now and play for Day 1a will end once there are 78 players left.

Rolandas Galdikas is in the lead and followed by Jamie O'Connor, Alex Foxen, Michiel Brummelhuis, and Adrian Mateos in the top five.

partypoker Ambassador Patrick Leonard can be found in thirteenth place right now.

Win Tournament Tickets in the partypoker Predator Hunt

partypoker Predator Hunt
partypoker Predator Hunt

Hunting down partypoker “predators” earns you $22 tickets to the site’s Daily Legends tournament sporting the same name.

The $22 Predator is one of the most popular tournaments on the Daily Legends schedule. It runs Monday through Saturday at 5:05 p.m. GMT and features a $30,000 guaranteed prize pool.

That in itself is worth playing in the Predator, but the Predator Hunt promotion adds even more value. Up to 19 specially selected “predators” will frequent The Predator during the week and these 19 stars have an extra bounty on their heads in addition to the tournament’s bounty.

Want to know what you need to do to win? Check it out below!

Here's how to win by hunting down the predators

Eleven Players Left in the WPT #29 Super High Roller


There are currently only 11 players left in the WPT #29 Super High Roller with 7 of them getting paid. Artur Martirosian is in the lead with over a million in chips while Benjamin Rolle follows him with just under 500,000 in chips. Joao Vieira, Laszlo Bujtas, and Ali Imsirovic complete the top five.

Kristen Bicknell is still in the tournament but in short as she sits in tenth place while Mikita Badziakouski busted in the last hand before the break started.

Less Than an Hour of Late Reg Left in the WPT #23 High Roller


There's less than an hour of late registration left in the WPT #23 High Roller with 72 entries already collected towards the $1,000,000 prize pool.

partypoker Ambassador Kristen Bicknell is leading the 49 remaining players with Niklas Astedt, Sergi Reixach, Leonard Maue, and fellow Ambassador Patrick Leonard following her in the top five.

Jason Koon, Isaac Haxton, and Mikita Badziakouski are also still in the running.

partypoker Adds New Hot Tables Stakes; Max Prize Now $1,000

partypoker Hot Tables
partypoker Hot Tables

partypoker launched its Hot Tables feature on April 11 and it has proven extremely popular thus far. Even more of the site’s cash game and fastforward players can experience the excitement of being at a Hot Table thanks to partypoker adding three new stakes to the roster.

There are now seven different stakes where Hot Tables can trigger courtesy of partypoker adding $0.01/$0.02, $0.02/$0.05, and $1/$2 cash games and fastforward tables to the feature. Trigger one of the Hot Tables at the $1/$2 tables, hit the biggest prize, and $1,000 is all your in addition to the pot you win.

Learn more about the Hot Tables on partypoker

Another Hour of Late Registration Left in Day 1a of the WPT #20 Main Event


With an hour of late registration or reentry still possible in Day 1a of the WPT #20 Main Event, almost 480 entries have already been collected which means that the tournament is halfway towards reaching the $3,000,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Teun Mulder is leading the tournament and is followed by Alex Foxen, Ali Imsirovic, Rolandas Galdikas, and Jamie O'Connor.