Live Updates March 14

Win Up To $500 Extra With partypoker's Hot Tables

partypoker Hot Tables

There is a brand new promotion to get involved with over at partypoker that goes by the name of Hot Tables. This promotion makes it possible to win up to $500 extra from pots whenever you play cash games or fastforward poker.

There is no opting in required for the Hot Tables promotion, you simply head to no-limit hold’em or pot-limit Omaha cash and fastforward tables with stakes between $0.05/$0.10 and $0.50/$1.

Thousands of tables are randomly selected each day to become Hot Tables for a hand. partypoker adds between one and 500 big blinds to the pot which the winner of the hand takes away with them in addition to the pot. This means it is possible to win up to $500 extra if you are a $0.50/$1 player.

Learn how to join the Hot Tables on partypoker