Live Updates April 18



Live Updates April 18
Day 1 completed

Tune In Next Weekend for the partypoker Sunday Live!

partypoker Powerfest
partypoker Powerfest

That concludes our coverage of Sunday's poker action on partypoker. There are still five players in the Powerfest #14: High Roller Knockout Weekend, including Sami Kelopuro and Simon Mattsson, with Arnaud Enselme the current chip leader.

We'll also be keeping an eye on the two High Rollers running as part of the Powerfest festival, with Steve O'Dwyer and Simon Pedersen the two chip leaders.

The partypoker Sunday Live will be back on PokerNews next weekend, bringing you the final Sunday of the Powerfest as well as a bunch more of poker action!

Artur Martirosian Wins partypoker High Roller Big Game

Artur Martirosian
Artur Martirosian

After a drawn-out heads-up battle, Artur Martirosian finally clinched victory in the High Roller Big Game after overcoming Canada's Timothy Adams.

After knocking out third-place finisher and partypoker Team Pro Mikita Badziakouski, Martirosian was made to work hard for his victory which he clinched after just over eight hours.

Adams vs Martirosian
Adams vs Martirosian
1Artur MartirosianRussia$68,329
2Timothy AdamsCanada$48,977
3Mikita BadziakouskiSlovenia$35,027
4Francois BillardCanada$24,938
5Patrick PedersenDenmark$18,525
6Marius GierseAustria$14,250
7David PetersCanada$12,113
8Elio FoxMexico$10,118
9Kevin MacdonaldCanada$8,550

Back At It Again Tomorrow for Staples


Stacks Level in High Roller Knockout Weekender


There's a tight contest in store at the final table of the Powerfest #14: High Roller Knockout Weekender with five players left. Sami Kelopuro is in the lead as it stands.

RankPlayerCountryChip Count
1Sami KelopuroFinland8,996,500
2Thomas MuehloeckerAustria8,738,799
3Arnaud EnselmeUnited Kingdom7,504,667
4Simon MattssonSweden5,891,190
5Theo ArnoldiCanada3,668,944

Meanwhile, 'HorseOutside' leads the Knockout Weekender with 14 players remaining, 'Katharine' leads the Mini Knockout Weekender with 37 players remaining and 'kesh99' leads the Micro Knockout Weekender with 18 players remaining.

Heads-Up Battle


Timothy Adams and Artur Martirosian are battling it out heads-up in The High Roller Big Game.

  • Artur Martirosian - 76,260,415 (54.5 big blinds)
  • Timothy Adams 36,164,585 (25.7 big blinds)

Powerfest #14: High Roller Knockout Weekender Final Table

Sami Kelopuro
Sami Kelopuro

Sami Kelopuro is the chip leader at the Powerfest #14: High Roller Knockout Weekender final table, with Arnaud Enselme and Theo Arnoldi close behind.

The winner will walk away with $37,821.

PositionPlayerCountryChip Count
1Simon MattssonSweden4,061,152
2Roman SanarovRussia1,250,000
3Sami KelopuroFinland8,685,324
4Theo ArnoldiCanada5,545,293
5Thomas MuehloeckerAustria3,590,376
6Luan HertmannBrazil4,125,011
7Arnaud EnselmeUnited Kingdom6,028,905

Martirosian Leads High Roller Big Game

Artur Martirosian
Artur Martirosian

Play is three-handed between Mikita Badziakouski, Timothy Adams and new chip leader Artur Martirosian.

On a {7-Diamonds}{q-Hearts}{6-Clubs}{10-Clubs} board Martirosian bet six million into 9.9 million and Adams called.

With 21.9 million in the middle, Martirosian shoved the {9-Diamonds} river and Adams folded.

PlacePlayerCountryChip Count
1Artur MartirosianRussia69,691,176
2Mikita BadziakouskiSlovenia26,277,432
3Timothy AdamsCanada18,031,392

Final Table Bubble in High Roller Knockout Weekender

Thomas Muehloecker
Thomas Muehloecker

With eight players remaining, the High Roller Knockout Weekender is on the final table bubble with Day 1C chip leader Thomas Muehloecker in the chip lead.

RankPlayerCountryChip Count
1Thomas MuehloeckerAustria6,955,597
2Arnaud EnselmeUnited Kingdom6,903,901
3Luan Felipe Leonel HertmannBrazil5,088,011
4Sami KelopuroFinland4,845,375
5Theo ArnoldiCanada4,434,293
6Simon MattssonSweden2,959,489
7Roman SanarovRussia2,059,469
8Rui Miguel Nougueira Da Silva E SousaCroatia1,553,965

Badziakouski Still Dominating High Roller Big Game

Mikita Badziakouski
Mikita Badziakouski

Following his elimination of Kevin Macdonald in ninth place, Mikita Badziakouski has continued to control proceedings from the top of the chip counts, with Timothy Adams his nearest contender.

After the eliminations of Elio Fox (8th - $10,118) and David Peters (7th - $12,113) the six remaining players are all guaranteed $14,250.

RankPlayerCountryChip Count
1Mikita BadziakouskiSlovenia43,409,678
2Timothy AdamsCanada35,662,727
3Francois BillardCanada14,492,151
4Artur MartirosianRussia6,965,806
5Patrick Hyllegaard PedersenDenmark6,948,122
6Marius GierseAustria6,521,516