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$10,300 Main Event

Ausmus Gets a Couple of Folds

ajlamers • Level 38: 175,000-350,000, 350,000 ante

Tom Marchese limped in on the button and Jeremy Ausmus opted to see a flop. The dealer fanned a flop of {7-Spades}{6-Spades}{6-Diamonds} and Ausmus check-called a bet of 700,000 from Marchese. The turn was the {4-Hearts} and both players checked to the {8-Spades} on the river. Ausmus led out for 1,725,000 this time and Marchese folded.

A couple of hands later in another limped pot, the flop fell {a-Spades}{j-Hearts}{2-Hearts}. Ausmus led out for 350,000 and Marchese called. The turn was the {q-Hearts} and both players knuckled the table. The river brought the {2-Spades} and Ausmus tossed in a bet of 1,350,000 but Marchese folded again.

Player Chips Progress
Tom Marchese US
Tom Marchese
US 30,700,000 -1,400,000
Jeremy Ausmus us
Jeremy Ausmus
us 22,900,000 1,400,000

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