Main Event

Jamie Whyte Eliminated in 3rd Place (£70,750)

zerofive • Level 42: 1,200,000-2,400,000, 300,000 ante

Jamie Whyte was down to his last 33,000,000 chips and called Richard King's blind-on-blind shove, after Robertas Gordonas folded his button.

Whyte smirked as he tabled his {q-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds}, which needed some help versus King's {a-Clubs}{q-Spades}. There were some backdoor sweats on the {5-Clubs}{2-Diamonds}{j-Clubs} flop, but the {6-Spades} on the turn wasn't one of them. Whyte needed a 10 and only a 10 to stay alive, but the river would come the {3-Hearts} and King dragged the pot.

Jamie Whyte collects £70,750 in cash and has been credited with a £2,200 UKPC seat.

Player Chips Progress
Richard King gb
Richard King
gb 141,000,000 74,000,000
Jamie Whyte
Jamie Whyte