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Baker Flushed Away

MrPaulSeaton • Level 32: 120,000-240,000, 30,000 ante
Matthew Baker's winning weekend in the Grand Prix UK Main Event came to an end on Day 3

Matthew Baker has enjoyed a great weekend here at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottignham for the Grand Prix UK Main Event, but he will not make the final.

"A player in early position made it 225,000 to go and the player on the button called," Baker told us on the rail. "I called with nines but then they announced that the UKPC seat bubble had burst, so we were in the top fifty. If I'd waited a few more seconds, I would have moved all-in. The flop came {9-}{7-Hearts}{6-} and the original raiser made it 400,000. The button raised to 1.1 million and I moved all-in for 1.9m. Both of them called, then checked the {Q-Hearts} turn and {5-Hearts} river. The original raiser had {A-Hearts}{8-Hearts} so he had the open straight and backdoor nut-flush draw from the flop."

Baker may be out, but he's enjoyed a profitable weekend, having played multiple flights, He cashed for separate amounts of £2,500, £700 and £400 across two Day 2's and today's Day 3, while he also won a £2,200 seat to the UK Poker Championships right here at Dusk Till Dawn too! Not bad for a couple of days work.

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Matthew Baker
Matthew Baker