Main Event

Event Info

Buy-in £200
Prize Pool £1,028,600
Players 5143

Level Info

Level 43
Blinds 1,500,000 / 3,000,000
Ante 300,000



Prizes on Offer

MrPaulSeaton • Level 31: 100,000-200,000, 30,000 ante

Here are all the payouts players are battling for during Day 3, with a whopping £150,000 up top.

Someone is going to have a Sunday they'll never forget!

PlacePayout (£GBP)
1st£150,000 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
2nd£100,000 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
3rd£70,750 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
4th£50,750 + £2,200 UKPC Seat
5th£37,750 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
6th£27,450 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
7th£21,450 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
8th£15,250 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
9th£11,250 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
10th£9,000 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
11th£9,000 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
12th£9,000 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
13th£7,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
14th£7,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
15th£7,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
16th£6,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
17th£6,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
18th£6,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
19th£5,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
20th£5,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
21st£5,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
22nd£5,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
23rd£4,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
24th£4,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
25th£4,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
26th£4,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
27th£4,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
28th£3,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
29th£3,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
30th£3,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
31st£3,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
32nd£3,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
33rd£3,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
34th£3,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
35th£3,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
36th£3,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
37th£3,000 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
38th£3,000 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
39th£3,000 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
40th£3,000 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
41st£3,000 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
42nd£3,000 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
43rd£3,000 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
44th£3,000 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
45th£3,000 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
46th£2,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
47th£2,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
48th£2,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
49th£2,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat
50th£2,500 +£2,200 UKPC Seat

Start Of The Spin-Up

zerofive • Level 31: 100,000-200,000, 30,000 ante

Chuck Khuu scraped through yesterday's Day 2E with just over one big blind. He was automatically all-in first hand, with Paul Hamblin raising all-in to isolate with no less than {a-Hearts}{a-Spades}.

Khuu's {10-Hearts}{6-Hearts} was in rough shape, and the {3-Diamonds}{2-Spades}{7-Clubs} did nothing to help his chances. The {9-Hearts} on the turn brought Khuu a gutshot draw, with the {8-Spades} completing his straight. He jumped up out of his seat so quickly he took off.

"Aces cracked first hand!" he yelled jubilantly. How far can he take this spin-up?!

Paul Hamblin
Paul Hamblin
2,400,000 -260,000
Chuck Khuu
Chuck Khuu
580,000 355,000

Welcome to Day 3 of the £1million Guaranteed Grand Prix UK Main Event!


The final day has approached and with players set to return to action at 12.00 noon, we'll be bringing you all the action as we play down to a winner at Dusk Till Dawn casino in Nottingham in the Grand Prix UK Main Event

Stuart Fox has the chip lead with 13,935,000, but Richard King (13,390,000) crushed Day 2d and will be confident of overhauling the big blind difference between the two at the top. On Day 2E, Adam Maxwell got closest to them with an incredible 12,695,000. They are not the only players with high hopes, however as players such as Chao Fan Lei (7,780,000), Robertas Gordonas (7,100,000) and
Timothy Rowland (6,400,000) will all be hoping to get that one big hand to move them into a position of power.

With blinds now switching to 60-minutes until heads-up, where they are halved, play becomes that little bit more stretched where the true essence of poker comes in. Anyone can win from here, and every single player covets the Grand Prix UK trophy and six-figure sum for the top prize.

Richard King gb
Richard King
gb 13,390,000
Adam Maxwell ie
Adam Maxwell
ie 12,695,000
Chao Fan Lei
Chao Fan Lei
Robertas Gordonas
Robertas Gordonas
Timothy Rowland
Timothy Rowland
Mahamed Muse gb
Mahamed Muse
gb 6,300,000
Paul Allen gb
Paul Allen
gb 5,450,000
Adam Hilton gb
Adam Hilton
gb 5,025,000
Richard Burke gb
Richard Burke
gb 4,870,000
Yaozheng Zhou
Yaozheng Zhou
Daniel Hook
Daniel Hook
Russell Betts gb
Russell Betts
gb 4,585,000
James Parker gb
James Parker
gb 3,960,000
Peter Craw
Peter Craw
Andrei Frujina
Andrei Frujina
Charlie Godwin gb
Charlie Godwin
gb 3,000,000
Reza Ebrahimi
Reza Ebrahimi
Dillon Scanlan
Dillon Scanlan
Paul Hamblin
Paul Hamblin
Anthony Shelton
Anthony Shelton
Stanley Lach
Stanley Lach
James Williams gb
James Williams
gb 1,900,000
Nathan Jackson
Nathan Jackson
Chris Durbin
Chris Durbin
Thomas Fitzgerald ie
Thomas Fitzgerald
ie 1,560,000

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