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More Final Table Shots


While the final table is currently on break, you can check out these final table shots.

Ngoc Minh HoangNgoc Minh HoangGrzegorz IdziakAlbert Skobelev and Arsenii KarmatckiiArsenii KarmatckiiArsenii KarmatckiiArsenii KarmatckiiArsenii KarmatckiiDominik DessetNgoc Minh HoangFinal TableAlbert SkobelevPhilipp ZukernikAlbert SkobelevNgoc Minh HoangNgoc Minh HoangNgoc Minh HoangNgoc Minh HoangDominik DessetAleksandar TomovicArsenii KarmatckiiDominik Desset and Philipp ZukernikGrzegorz IdziakDominik DessetDominik DessetDominik DessetDominik DessetArsenii KarmatckiiAlbert Skobelev and Arsenii Karmatckii