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Karmatckii Folds Top Pair

Yardley • Level 33: 2,500,000-5,000,000, 5,000,000 ante

Albert Skobelev opened from the small blind with {10-Clubs}{4-Clubs} and Arsenii Karmatckii defended his big blind with {a-Clubs}{3-Clubs}.

The flop was {8-Spades}{a-Spades}{10-Hearts} and Skobelev bet 16,000,000 and Karmatckii called.

The turn was the {9-Clubs} and Skobelev moved all in. Karmatckii thought for a long time befoee he folded hos top pair.

Player Chips Progress
Arsenii Karmatckii ru
Arsenii Karmatckii
ru 206,000,000 -42,000,000
Albert Skobelev RU
Albert Skobelev
RU 134,000,000 23,500,000

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