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Desset Gets Even Shorter; Takes it Back

zedmaster84 • Level 32: 2,000,000-4,000,000, 4,000,000 ante

Arsenii Karmatckii raised to 12 million from the small blind with {Q-Diamonds}{5-Hearts} and Dominik Desset called in the big blind with {Q-Spades}{10-Clubs}. Both players checked the {A-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}{3-Diamonds} flop before Karmatckii bet the {J-Spades} turn for 13 million, Desset called.

The {5-Spades} river was checked through and an annoyed Desset found out that his hand ended up second best.

He shoved soon after with {A-Hearts}{2-Spades} from the button and Karmatckii folded {A-Clubs}{2-Hearts} in the big blind.

Karmatckii limped in with the {Q-Spades}{10-Hearts} and Desset checked {7-Spades}{6-Hearts}. On the {J-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds}{3-Clubs} flop both checked and the {J-Hearts} appeared on the turn. Desset made it 8.5 million to go and Karmatckii called.

The {5-Spades} river

Player Chips Progress
Arsenii Karmatckii ru
Arsenii Karmatckii
ru 262,000,000 -2,000,000
Dominik Desset sk
Dominik Desset
sk 100,500,000 12,500,000
Albert Skobelev RU
Albert Skobelev
RU 76,000,000 -10,500,000

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